Councillor Philip Sanders

Councillor Philip SandersCouncillor Philip Sanders represents Yelverton Rural.

His bizarre pronouncements at the council Scrutiny Committee hearing on the decision to close Devon’s care homes won him no friends here.  Cllr Sanders thinks we should all just trust our politicians.  I think you’d struggle to find anyone in this country who would agree with that.  Trust politicians?  Look where that’s got us Sanders, you dope.

However, not content with trying to short-cut the scrutiny meeting so he could get home in time for Cash In The Attic; Cllr Sanders decided he should offer some words of advice to Amanda Walker, a campaigner against the closures.  Amanda runs an award-winning business, employing 20 people in Devon; she is tireless in supporting her father Mike, a resident of Charlton Lodge care home with Parkinson’s and bi-polar disorder, and her elderly mother Pat; in addition she has to deal with type 1 diabetes, an over-active spaniel and a semi-useless husband.  Despite all this she has devoted a huge amount of time and energy challenging the appalling decision to close Devon’s care homes.  In an email to Amanda, Cllr Sanders opined:

“I would respectfully suggest that if you have time and energy to spare, as you seem to have, then this could be put to much better use by working with DCC to ensure the best possible outcome in your particular area.”

The best possible outcome Sanders, you appalling, patronising, condescending little twerp, is that Charlton Lodge, and all the other homes, are not closed.  When is the last time you and the rest of your kind spent any time working for something you believed in that wasn’t about increasing your own wealth or status?

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  1. So the council shut the care homes but the need still exists and will be filled by the private sector with the council footing the monthly bill (government requirement for those who are not means tested to pay) so it comes down to their inability to run their homes efficiently because of poor management or marketing or whatever but not a true saving

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