Councillor Sara Randall Johnson


Sara Randall Johnson. It happens.

Devon County Councillor Sara Randall Johnson, Honiton St Michael’s.  In 2014 Randall Johnson was tasked with leading the Scrutiny Committee that reviewed the decision to close Devon County Council’s superb care homes and evict the elderly and in many cases dementia-suffering residents into the arms of the private sector. Her job was to help ensure that no effective scrutiny took place, and she launched herself into this with relish.  Her first decision was that members of the public would not be allowed to speak.  Let’s face it, relatives of carers are just over-emotional idiots trying to save the lives of their silly old mums and dads.  What could they possibly add to Councillor Barker’s spread-sheet that says they must be evicted, and if necessary die, to save DCC money and ensure that council leader John Hart and his cronies get re-elected?

At 02:44 into this farce Cllr Frank Biederman reads out a moving statement from Julie Glover about her mother and pleads that Barnstaple’s fantastic Oakwell dementia care unit be saved.  At the end of this the camera moves back to an indifferent Randall Johnson, who blinks as if interrupted from a reverie or a quick game of Angry Birds.  This impression is reinforced as she appears confused about who was summing up and proposers and other tedious points of order.  She ‘apologises’ that some people weren’t able to make their points.  ‘It happens’ she notes cheerily.  She calls the vote, the Tory dummies raise their hands.  Julie Glover’s mum and 260 others are sentenced to distress, upset, and in many cases, death*.  It happens.

And now over to our regular slot, Dictionary Corner.  This week:

Sociopath [soh-see-uh-path]
noun, Psychiatry.
A person with a psychopathic personality whose behaviour is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Randall Johnson lives in a £1m+ 8-bed grade II listed pile in Whimple.  Perhaps she could put up a few of the people she’s helping evict?  Nope, thought not.

Randall Johnson is also responsible for what your correspondent considers the stupidest story yet found about our idiot councillors.  Supposedly upset by a Christmas card sent by a fellow councillor, but upset only on behalf of the other councillors.  So upset in fact that she sacked the sender.  Hysterical over-reaction or crass political opportunism?  Whatever, it’s pretty dumb but interestingly illuminating.  XXX SRJ…

*Forced home moves for elderly residents adversely impacts remaining lifespan.

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