Devon’s Cowardly Councillors

The rogue’s gallery above comprises some of the most incompetent, unprofessional and self-serving politicians we’ve come across.  This is a pretty crowded field, but these people are setting the bar high.

This unpalatable shower comprises, left to right: Gaston Dezart, Christine Channon, Margaret Squires, Polly Colthorpe, John Hart, Stuart Barker and Sara Randall Johnson.  They look pretty pleased with themselves don’t they?  Except Channon, but that’s Special Brew for you.

Like most people, we’ve taken little interest in local politics up to now.  But when you actually come to look, the calibre of people running our local services is quite astonishingly poor.

We’ve been looking into why these people think they’re fit and proper persons to make such far-reaching decisions.  There’s a little profile page about some of the above, plus a few more.  If you have stories you’d like to tell us about your favourite councillor please do so!

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, we think that anyone who actually wants to be a politician should on no account be allowed to have the job.  People who want power always pose problems.  The cynics among us will always suspect that specimens such as East Devon District Councillor Graham Brown’s bribery case are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether it’s Cllr Christine Channon’s two drink-driving convictions; or an unrepentant Cllr John Squire’s conviction for assaulting some council tenants, a common theme is the feeling that these people don’t consider themselves accountable.

It’s our fault these people are running things, though it’s also an indictment of the system – people who would be good at this don’t want to do it.

Meet your councillors:


Lock up your bats

Councillor John Hart, Devon County Council

Councillor John Hart  – Leader of the council and councillor for Bickleigh and Wembury






Councillor Stuart Barker

Councillor Stuart Barker

Councillor Stuart Barker – Cabinet member responsible for adult services and councillor for Ashburton & Buckfastleigh.






Councillor Polly Colthorpe

Councillor Polly Colthorpe

Councillor Polly Colthorpe, Tiverton West







Councillor Margaret Squires

Councillor Margaret Squires

Councillor Margaret Squires, Newton St Cyres & Sandford






Councillor Sara Randall Johnson

Councillor Sara Randall Johnson, Honiton St Michael’s






Councillor Christine Channon, Budleigh

Councillor John Berry, Cullompton Rural

Councillor Gaston Dezart, Torridge

Councillor Philip Sanders, Yelverton Rural



2 thoughts on “Devon’s Cowardly Councillors

  1. I am totally disgusted by the treatment of the people in these homes, my own thought is that these vulnerable people are just pawns as part of tory ideology which in this case means profit before people.I had experience of council and private run homes and I know which I would choose, but then I have no choice now.

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