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Gonad Rat Zest

We’re pleased to present Gaston Dezart esquire, UKIP, Devon County Councillor for Torridge.  What were you thinking, people of Torridge?  Seriously?  Even the hapless chap himself didn’t expect to win.  After the shock result was announced the 80-year old dingbat announced: “I haven’t got any plans for the next four years as I didn’t expect to win so I need to go away and sit down to get some ideas together to help people in Bideford.”  Thanks Gonad.  A year later Cllr Rat-Zest and his UKIP partner, Cllr Robin Julian, still hadn’t got their shit together.  Way to go boys! It’s chaps of this calibre who’ll lead us out from under the jackboot of EU oppression, make no mistake.

A harmless, ineffectual old buffoon then?  No, there’s a special place in hell reserved for people like Cllr Degast.  In May he wrote to campaigners against the closure of Devon County Council Care Homes.  He claimed to be ‘sickened’ by the proposals and that they ‘have my support’.  A few weeks later he voted with the Conservatives to evict 260 elderly people from their homes.  We reproduce Gastard Onzet’s infamous communique for your delectation and delight below.  Cllr Daze Gnat-Sort is a complete dingbat. An elderly, but opportunistic dingbat.


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One thought on “Councillor Gaston Dezart

  1. Received from a friend of Gonad:


    Can you tell me who writes your content please? I have traced your location to a farm just outside Bideford so it may be helpful to you at this stage to simply respond to this inquiry. Devon County Council’s legal department have also been looking into your website’s allegations as have their legal department.

    Legal rep.”

    To which we’d like to take this opportunity to respond thus:

    Dear ‘Legal rep’ AKA Raymond Goldsmith,
    You’re clearly a nincompoop.

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