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Vote for me or the old woman gets it!

This is Councillor John Berry glad-handing staff and residents at Orchard Lea care home in Cullompton a couple of years back.  He recently voted to shut it down as part of Devon County Council’s project to evict 260 elderly from their council care homes and farm them out to the lowest bidders in the private sector.  Then to add insult to injury he popped by to shed a few crocodile tears, which must have been tremendously comforting.

Some locals tell us that Cllr Berry was ‘a good bloke’.  Presumably he sold his soul to Councillor Hart in return for keeping his job.

There is of course the chance that he’s simply an idiot.  Silverton’s Parish Council minutes for April 2014 say: “With regard to the elderly, Cllr Berry confirmed no Residential Homes will be closed but there will be changes and consultations are being undertaken.”  Who knows what planet Berry was on – by April we’d been told endlessly by councillors and DCC staff that closure was the aim, sorry, proposal.  So when told to vote close them, he was presumably a bit surprised.

Cllr Berry represents himself and Cullompton Rural, in that order.  The people of Cullompton wisely kicked him out of Mid Devon Council at the next election after this episode, but unfortunately they now also suffer the attention of his wife Rosemary Berry, so expect more of the same.

4 thoughts on “Councillor John Berry

  1. Yes, John comes across as a good bloke.

    As a Devon County Councillor as well as Mid Devon District councillor, this part of Mid Devon seems to be his personal fiefdom. You’ll always see his smiling face, glad-handing all and sundry, especially when there is a photo opportunity.

    But effective he is not. A trusty party hack always ready to toe the Party line, his principles are ‘fluid’, as evidenced by the Orchard Lea saga.

    He shows he is not to be trusted on matters of principle. Roll on the Cullompton Rural election

  2. Your opportunity to repay John Berry’s treachery for Orchard Lea is arriving on May 7th 2015 as he seeks re-election to his Bradninch seat on Mid Devon District Council. Orchard Lea is now gone. Residents were upset and scattered, their carers stressed and anxious; long-serving staff were discarded and a community asset is gone forever. Berry is exactly the sort of self-serving hypocrite we need to get rid of. Vote LibDem in this case – we would offer alternatives, but only Luke Taylor, LibDem, is standing against him. Vote Not Berry!

  3. Good news: Councillor Berry lost his Mid-Devon Council seat at the election. If we helped one iota in that then all this worth it. However, there’s bad news: His wife, Rosemary Berry, was elected, displacing a good independent councillor in David Pugsley. The malign influence of John Berry will therefore continue because Cullompton Outer reflexively voted Tory. Wise up people – try voting for councillors who *do* something, rather than for political parties whose interests have little relevance at a local level. Rosemary Berry will no doubt continue the Berry tradition of doing what they’re told by their masters, who care nothing for local issues and are simply playing political games for their own purposes.

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