Councillor John Hart

Lock up your bats

Councillor John Hart, Devon County Council

Cllr John Hart is the leader of Devon County Council and the brains behind the austerity cuts being imposed on the most defenceless of Devon residents. Youth centres, residential care homes and daycare facilities are all grist to the political mill and are being remorselessly destroyed to ensure that Hart and his cronies are not left politically weakened by the imposition of desperately-needed council tax rises.

We had the privilege of seeing this accomplished operator in action at the DCC Emergency General Meeting.  After impassively listening to several hours of impassioned testimony from representatives and users of youth centres, care homes and daycare, he rose majestically and launched into a lengthy response where he attempted to trump our anger and fear by letting us know exactly how aggrieved he (Conservative) felt at the terrible deal Devon (Conservative-led) was getting from the (Conservative) government. Think Private Frazer – “we’re all doomed!”.  Hang on…

John Hart ————————— Private Frazer

We almost felt sorry for him, until we realised how exasperating and stupid we were for questioning his perfectly sensible proposals to offload the elderly to be processed into supermarket value lasagne, sorry, into private care homes.  Winterbourne View / horsemeat lasagne – in our view they’re both part of the same problem – where cost is everything and people are nothing.
We can only speculate what goes on behind closed doors at DCC, but when the EGM came to vote on whether to slow down the consultation and at least pretend to be concerned about kids and old people, Hart’s cronies vied with each other to see who could raise their hands fastest and highest whilst desperately trying to catch his eye.  Me Sir!! No, me Sir!  The vote of course was no, sod the old people – we have our careers to think of.  We’d be scared of Cllr Hart too.
John Hart, 69, owns the Bovisand Lodge Estate, near Plymouth. His hobbies include listening to death metal and biting the heads off live bats. News from the cloven-hoofed one here.
Something of the night...

In his secret crypt, yesterday, Councillor John Hart ponders his next move.

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