Councillor Polly Colthorpe

Councillor Polly Colthorpe

Councillor Polly Colthorpe

Felicity Jane ‘Polly’ Colthorpe, to give her full name, gets the award for most amusing profile picture on the Devon County Council profile pages for councillors (see image at bottom of this page). Perhaps our Polly thought she was auditioning for Strictly, or maybe the photo was originally destined for another site altogether.  This smiley and disturbingly racy image is belied in the flesh by a remorseless political machine. 

Your correspondent had the misfortune to sit through two public meetings during the so-called consultation period ahead of the decision to close all Devon County Council care homes and evict 260 vulnerable people from their homes.  During these meetings, anguished relatives stood up one after another to detail the excellence of the care and their fears for the future, whilst Ms Colthorpe smirked away behind her hands. Unprofessional, Olympic-standard smirking.
Cllr Colthorpe had little hesitation in informing these meetings that as their elected representative she had no absolutely no intention of representing their views and that they should just get used to the idea that the homes were unsustainable.
Watching Ms Colthorpe unable to contain her impatience and contempt during these meetings told us two things: 1) The decision was already a done deal; 2) Ms Colthorpe isn’t a very nice person.
Pointless Polly, as she’s known to some in Bampton, knows all about ‘weasel words’ when it suits her agenda, but has no hesitation in deploying them herself.

About proposals to downgrade Tiverton Hospital maternity services, Cllr Colthorpe said the managers were full of ‘weasel words’ like ‘listening’, ‘involvement’ and ‘engagement’, but questioned whether they were really prepared to listen to and act on the views of the public. Yeah, we know how that feels.
Cllr Colthorpe is 67, and lives near Crediton.  Cllr Colthorpe is the Conservative councillor for Tiverton West.  She’s currently experiencing a little local difficulty over some minor planning irregularities involving a rather controversial anaerobic digester. A complaint has been made to the council about Cllr Colthorpe’s failure to disclose an interest in the planning application.
...because I'm worth it.

…because I’m worth it.

4 thoughts on “Councillor Polly Colthorpe

  1. We understand that Cllr Colthorpe has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the above-mentioned planning contretemps, according to this article in the Mid-Devon gazette
    Cllr Colthorpe had allegedly failed to declare an interest in an anaerobic digester plant, but apparently there was no substance to this complaint. Strange – she either declared an interest or she didn’t, and if she didn’t then there’s something wrong. No doubt she’ll be in touch to clarify it for us. Not that it makes much difference – “I would like to make it clear, that even had there been any substance to the complaint that was made, it would not have made any difference to the decision that was taken that day.” said Cllr Colthorpe, in spite of over 100 letters of opposition to the scheme. Another case of sod you lot, what do you think this is – a democracy?

  2. Great news for Bampton! Cllr Colthorpe has decided not to stand in the Clare and Shuttern Ward for the 2015 Mid Devon District Council elections. She’s not daft – she’s right-royally pissed off the good people of Bampton by declining to support the campaign to save the much-loved Barnhaven home. Bad news for the people of Pennymoor, Poughill and Cheriton Fitzpaine though – she’s standing for Way ward instead. Colthorpe will have no more regard for you than she did for her previous ward. It’s a cynical move. Her highest priority is staying on the MDDC Planning Committee. Vote Monster Raving Loony if you have to, but please don’t vote for this contemptuous and contemptible politician.

  3. Shit, we’ve got her now. Tiverton West downhill slide. Massive housing development due to start …………….

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