Dignity, Respect and other lies

“Residents will be treated with dignity and respect”  Cllr S Barker

They haven’t  been so far.  Chaotic briefing meetings; mis-handled announcements of closures; and the absence of communication or consultation with residents during the process. Residents have been badly treated by DCC so far.  There’s little reason to feel confident that the ‘transitions’ will be handled any more competently or sensitively.

“Everyone wants to be in their own homes, not care homes”  Cllr S Barker

True up to a point.  If you’re independent, capable and socialising as much or as little as you like then why wouldn’t you want to be at home?  But then you become less capable, and ultimately dependent on a few minutes a day from a random care assistant on a busy schedule.  Isolated, lonely and a prisoner in your own home.  Lots of people would then be happy to be in a communal home with people to talk to and 24 hour care.  Most people in DCC’s care homes are there because they want to be. Read resident Eric Bullas’ take on this issue here.

“Nothing will happen overnight”  Cllr S Barker

But it did.  The day after the announcement, a transition team was already in Orchard Lea, Cullompton, pressuring residents to move out.  Stuart Barker actually told us in an email that nothing would happen for 12 months.  Was he lying or just changed his mind?


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