Jeannette Crichton’s Mum

Jeannette Crichton's Mum, Antonia Hooper

Jeannette Crichton’s Mum, Antonia Hooper

My 96 year old mother Mrs. Antonia Hooper is a resident in Charlton Lodge care home in Tiverton which is due for closure.

She became a widow on my fathers death in 1994 when she was 76 and since that time she lived alone until she could no longer safely be on her own, which was only last October,and even then she was extremely reluctant to enter Charlton Lodge.

However, she has gone from being a lonely old lady with severe mobility problems(after falling at home and breaking her femur) to a happy well cared for lady with much improved mobility. This is all due to the staff at the home who provide all the residents with such wonderful care and personal attention.

As the home is in the town she has many visitors who are able to pop in,even though some of them can’t drive but still have busy lives. When the home is closed and the residents moved most of this will stop.

We are unable to look after my mother as we are working pensioners ourselves and we live 100 miles away. Her eldest daughter who helped with her needs died about 18 months ago.

I am disappointed to add that none of the town councillors could find the time to support the spirited campaign to stop these appalling closures. It seems they would prefer these elderly people to quietly disappear.

Jeannette Crichton

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  1. I do not know what you are all worried about the speed at which Devon County Council moves the homes will still be there in 20 years time. You know how bad they are at doing things .

    • Sure – anything constructive will take forever, but unfortunately it’s not the case here. Devon County Council are already busy closing down homes in the first phase. People are being moved out of Orchard Lea home in Cullompton right now.

  2. Out of the 4 homes in Phase one, 3 are shut already, Green Close at Sidford , Fairlea at Northam, Near Bideford. It was reported in the Express & Echo that Arthur Roberts in Exeter has closed and Orchard Lea has 8 residents left. DCC are steaming ahead !!

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