The Residents

In all this depressing political manoeuvring, what Devon County Council never fails to acknowledge is the human cost of this exercise.  Elderly people will be forced to move home; some will not be able to live in the towns they’ve always lived in; many will be upset and anxious about the move; some will die as a direct result of being moved.  Someone, somewhere has made a calculation for Cllr Barker about how many will die, about how many will become hospitalised, about how many will end up requiring nursing care rather than residential care due to the trauma of moving.  Numbers to add in to the calculations of financial and political costs in shutting down these homes.  The political cost will have been judged to be negligible – 260 voters, few of whom can actually physically vote; a few hundred more immediate relatives; general voter apathy. The real scandal here though is that to DCC the human cost is also negligible.

We’ll be highlighting the cases of the residents being evicted from their homes.  These are people without a voice – most don’t have anything to do with the internet; many have dementia or other crippling conditions; many don’t even have a relative to tell their story for them.  Please let us know your story by emailing – it doesn’t matter if you feel you can’t write it down – we’ll call you and get your story if you prefer.

Jeannette Crichton’s Mum

Julie Glover’s Mum

Amanda Walker’s Dad

Eric Bullas, 91 year old veteran of the Second World War

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